STUFFED MUSHROOMS                      12.95              LA CAPRESE (3 Pieces)                   12.95
Stuffed With Veal And                                                   Fresh Mozzarella
Mild Italian Sausage                                                    Tomatoes And Basil                         
FRIED CALAMARI                                 13.95             BRUSCHETTA (4 Pieces)                 4.95
Served With Marinara                                                Tomatoes, Garlic,
Sauce On The Side                                                       Basil And Olive Oil                
MUSSELS                                                12.95             NAPOLI SALAD                                10.95
Aglia  E Olio Sauce                                                      Hearts Of Palm, Artichoke

OYSTERS MICHELINA                       13.95             Hearts, Tomatoes And Fresh      

4 Oysters Stuffed And Baked                                     Basil With Vinaigrette

ESCARGOTS                                         12.95             CAESAR SALAD (**)                        10.95

Made with Traditional                                              Traditional Caesar Dressing

Garlic Butter Blend                                   


SOUP OF THE DAY                          4.95




ANGEL HAIR POMODORO With Tomatoes And Basil                                                        17.95

(With Seasoned Grilled Chicken Add $4)

LINGUINI AND MEATBALLS Served With Marinara Sauce                                                18.95

LASAGNA Baked With Veal And Cheeses                                                                                 18.95

HOMEMADE FETTUCCINE ALFREDO                                                                                  19.95

(With Seasoned Grilled Chicken Add $4)

JUMBO PASTA SHELLS STUFFED WITH SPINACH AND RICOTTA                                19.95

Choice Of Marinara Or Alfredo Sauce

HOMEMADE CHEESE RAVIOLI Served With Marinara Sauce                                         19.95

HOMEMADE MEAT & CHEESE RAVIOLI With Pomodoro And Basil                             19.95

HOMEMADE SPINACH RAVIOLI Aglia E Olio Sauce                                                          19.95

TORTELLINI PESTO With Grilled Chicken And Pine Nuts                                                19.95

CANNELLONI Filled With Meat And Spinach With Alfredo Sauce                                     19.95

LINGUINE With Vegetables, Zucchini, Mushrooms, Tomato,                                            19.95

Garlic And Aglia E Olio Sauce

LINGUINE CON VONGOLE Choice Of White Clam Sauce Or Red Clam Sauce             20.95


All entrees served with house salad 


(**) Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shell fish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.




CHICKEN GENOVESE White Wine, Lemon, Artichoke Hearts & Capers                         21.95

CHICKEN MARSALA Marsala Wine And Mushrooms                                                         21.95

CHICKEN PARMIGIANA Marinara Sauce And Mozzarella Cheese                                   21.95

CHICKEN ALA GRIGLIA (two pieces) With Fresh Vegetables                                              21.95

CHEF’S COMBO Breast Of Chicken In A Lemon White Wine Sauce                                  21.95

With Two Stuffed Pasta Shells Marinara Sauce  




VEAL PICCATA White Wine, Lemon And Capers                                                                    24.95

VEAL MARSALA Marsala Wine And Mushrooms                                                                   24.95

VEAL PARMIGIANA Marinara Sauce And Mozzarella Cheese                                             24.95


Michelina’s Specialties


HOMEMADE SAUSAGE & PEPPERS Marinara Sauce on Linguini                         `             22.95

BRASCIOLA DI CASA Seasoned And Rolled Beef Loin Served With A                                    22.95

Generous Portion Of Mostaccioli Marinara

EGGPLANT PARMIGIANA With Linguini Topped     With Mozzarella And                         24.95

Marinara Sauce

LINGUINI CON MUSSELS With Marinara Sauce Or Aglia E Olio Sauce                             29.95

SHRIMP MICHELINA Sautéed With Brandy Sauce, Shallots, Capers,                                30.95

Basil And Lemon Served On Sautéed Spinach`                                                               

CIOPPINO Calamari, Clams, Mussels And Fresh Fish In A Spicy                                       30.95

Marinara Sauce Served On A Bed Of Linguini

SHRIMP MARINARA OR FRA DIAVOLO On Linguini                                                          30.95

LAMB CHOP (**) Grilled And Lightly Seasoned With Pasta Red Sauce`                            34.95

MICHELINA’S FRESH FISH SELECTIONS OF THE DAY                                     Market Price


Please ask about all of Michelina’s homemade desserts!



A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.  One check per table please.