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                 My name is Michelina DiSibio and I was born in Gesualdo (a little town south of Naples, Italy), where I studied cooking from the age of ten under the very best of teachers, my mother. My home town is featured in the original artwork that accents the restaurant and tells a tale of that little seaside village.

                  My own love of seafood and over two decades of preparing it for my loyal followers inspired the addition of the byline “Costa Campagnia” to the restaurant title. The Coast of Campagnia is the region in Italy I feel holds the most influence over my style of seafood preparations and I am still making each meal with that in mind.                 

         Growing many of the herbs and vegetables for my “homestyle” dishes is another passion I hope to pass down to my grandchildren… gardening! The fresh flowers are a reminder that you are a guest in my “home”.

Please… sit, relax and enjoy! Cent’ Anni Di Amore!

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